Introducing the cast of desert shadows

Andy Toulouse as Donnie Roberts

Emily Sweet as Morgan

Richard Leacock as Detective Jaggard

Aaron Foster as Eric Roberts

Bill Farmer as Jerry McElroy

Mario Olsen as Linda Lockley

Jasper Coverdale as Rory

Darrell Miller as Agent Temple

James Jackson as Agent Bailey

Michelle Crain as Dr. Tek

Peter Townley as Dad

Nico Panelli as Young Donnie

EnzlEy Albrecht as Young Eric

Waters as Waitress

Kristofer Perry as Ben

Paul Sean Ward as Johnny

Justin Vasquez as Justin

Hilary Larivee as Cop

Lee Braithwaite as Old Man

Tom Plunkett as Jerry the Bartender

Kevin McCray, Harold Miller and Grid Margraf as the Truckers

Dave Cherry as Old Local Man