casting Call

Now casting the Feature Length Film "Desert Shadows," a dark dramatic horror film set across the Nevada landscape.

Auditions will take place Saturday December 1st at Tru Talent Agency in Reno, NV, with additional callbacks on Sunday December 2nd.

Description: After the death of their father, two brothers decide to embark on a hunting trip to help bring them closer together. But they get more than they bargained for when they become the prey of a deadly creature that has roamed the desert for centuries. Eric, a struggling drug addict, goes missing, while his brother Donnie becomes hellbent on finding him. Following the downward spiral of dangerous clues, he teams up with a professor with a dark past and an overeager paranormal studies student to try to solve the mystery and save Eric before it’s too late.

Please submit headshot, age, height, location, any union affiliation and what role you are interested in to  

Shooting Dates: April 2019 in Northern Nevada.

Compensation: All speaking roles are paid. Compensation dependent on role.

Both Union and Non-Union May submit.

Roles (Lead and Supporting):

*=Nudity Required

Donnie Roberts: Lead, Male, Early 30’s

A man who's never had a chance to have ambitions of his own as his life has been consumed by the weight of his father and brother and their addictions. His mother was never in the picture. Loyal to a fault and rarely trusts people.

Morgan*: Lead, Female, 18-20

A young emo/goth student at the community college. Brilliant and eager with a heavy interest in the weird and unknown. A strong and friendly personality overshadows the fact that she's never really had any friends.

Eric Roberts: Supporting, Male Late 30's. *Cast to look related to Donnie.

Drug addict, in and out of jail. Barely making it by. But charismatic and well liked when sober, which isn't often. He expects Donnie to pick up the pieces when things fall apart as he always does. No to very few friends left since he burned most of those bridges over the years.

Detective Jaggard (Ray): Supporting, Male, Late 30's. African American or Diversity Preferred

Grew up with Eric, but went the opposite direction, joining the law instead of fighting it. Does what he can for Eric but mostly stays out of it.

Additional Roles:

(with Multiple Scenes or Heavy Dialogue)

Sarah: Female, 30's Dr. Tek: Female, 40s to 60s

Agent Temple: Male, 40s to 50s

Linda Lockley: Female, 60+

College Girl - Sydney*: Female, 18-22

College Girl - Rachel*: Female, 18-22

College Girl - Mary*: Female, 18-22

(Single Shoot Day with Dialogue)

Young Donnie: Male, 11-14

Young Eric: Male, 16-18

Donnie and Eric’s Dad: Male, 40s

Trashy Girl*: 30’s+

College Students: Early to Mid 20s

  • Johnny: Male

  • Gothic Girl, Female

  • Ben, Male

  • Rory, Male or Female

Trucker 1: Male or Female, 40s to 60s

Trucker 2: Male or Female, 40s to 60s

Trucker 3: Male or Female, 40s to 60s

Jerry the Bartender: Male, 50s to 60s

Old Bar Waitress: Female, 50s to 60s

Diner Waitress: Female, 40s+

Morgue Worker: Male or Female, 40s

Drunk Patron 1: Male, 20s to 40s

Drunk Patron 2: Male, 20s to 40s

Drunk Patron 3: Male, 20s to 40s

Agent Bailey: Male, 40s to 60s

Old Man: Male, 60+

Cop: 30s to 50s